Happy Clients

Actor, Writer, Director of film, ‘Napoleonic’

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how happy I am with you professionally and personally. You are a pleasure. You are a part of the team and I look forward to continuing to work with you on many levels.

Ty Granderson Jones

‘Sister Switch’

Thanks again for casting Sister Switch for me. You brought in some amazing talent, and it was great that I didn't have to sit through auditions for people who were clearly not right for the roles.

Torrance Colvin, Producer

MTV- Juvies

On behalf of all the producers here at MTV Juvies, we wanted to take a moment to extend a big THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to the series. Overall, the show's production has been a huge success in every aspect. There's no question that

Thomas Jaeger, Producer

Suzie Cobb

You have such a great energy in the room, and as someone who has worked as a casting assistant/intern for a number of CDs, I can tell you, that is so rare and appreciated by us actors!

Suzie Cobb, Actress

Intelliscape Films

Thank you for all your support and efforts this past month. It has been a pleasure to have met you and to have worked together on Endeavor TV. Your thoughtfulness and consideration in sooo many areas is appreciated more than words can say. I look for

Susan Mann, Producer

Stephen Metz

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get this incredible role. You were right when you said, that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Stephen Metz, Actor

Robin Shelby

I had the pleasure of auditioning for you about a month ago and truly wanted to tell you what a great feel you and the whole production team created for the actors in the audition. Thank you so much, and I would certainly look forward to auditioning

Robin Shelby, Actress

Paul Bond

I wanted to thank you for seeing me today for the role of Isaac. I also wanted to compliment you on what I thought was just an amazing audition experience from start to finish. 1/ You provided a detailed and compelling breakdown for the project wh

Paul Bond, Actor

Fuel TV

Outstanding job! Thank you for your superb organization with planning and running the session yesterday. I will definitely give you a ring for our next casting job and refer you to anyone that asks!

Patrick Weir, Producer

Film- ‘What’s Bugging Seth’

Dear Michelle, I really do want to extend my greatest thank you for the opportunity you gave me. Being in this film is one of the most important things I've done thus far. Through 'Seth' I've now realized just how important this is to me, and how mu

Nora Kirkpatrick, Actress

‘The Isolationist’ Film

Thanks again for all your hard work! The fact that I have such a tough decision [choosing which actors to cast] tells me what a great job you're doing.

Nate Atcheson, Director

Matt Ragan

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my audition with you for the TLC project. You have a great energy about you and you make the audition room a great place to be.

Matt Ragan, Actor

Bunim-Murray Productions

First let me say that it was a pleasure to meet with you. I had heard great things about you and they were all confirmed during our meeting.

Marlon Sanders, Casting Producer

Mark Berry

Your casting place is still one of the most comfortable I have been in and it's all because of you.

Mark Berry, Actor

Film – ‘The Relationship Theorem’

Wow, I just have to say Wow!! That cast has got to have been the most amazing cast ever. I loved working with everyone. They were all great. The entire film shoot went extremely well and the dailies look really great. As you can tell, I had an incred

Lori Johnson, Producer

‘Katrina’ (A Viacom Production)

The shoot went great. We are especially grateful and pleased with the cast, most especially the central four teens. We are so happy that you worked so hard to bring us such incredible talent.

Loni Steele, Producer

Central Casting

Just wanted to say it has been an honor to work with you. You made booking your show very easy and it was always so nice to talk to you!

Laura Strobl

Vice President of Development/ Oxygen Network

It was great getting to know you and you did a fantastic job on these past 3 seasons. I will definitely keep you in mind for upcoming shows...

Kristen Connolly Vadas

Judy O Productions

Michelle!! You rock!! You should hold a seminar called, 'HOW TO BE A NICE CASTING DIRECTOR' !

Judy Orbach, Talent Manager

Film – Latter Day Fake

Through your services, I was able to get the cream of the crop talent for this film. As audiences watch, they are constantly commenting on how excellent the casting is! Thanks for being such an important part of this film's production!

Jolie Hales, Director

Birthmark Entertainment

Thank you so much for all your help on the project. We couldn't be happier! We will definitely be calling you whenever we need casting.

John Minor, Producer

Commercial-McDonalds National

You were a pleasure, thank you for a great job.

Jim Bigham, Producer

Film – ‘Princess Al’

It is easy to see why you come so highly recommended! You are extremely professional, enthusiastic, patient (as I peppered you with a million questions about the casting process), and most importantly, you brought in amazing talent for this film. Tha

Jen Mathews, Producer


Thanks so much for your casting! It was great. The network loved the cast. You did an amazing job, especially for such a short period of time.

Jean Shi, Producer

Jason Carbone

I want to congratulate you for helping to make this season such a success. It is no accident that we were picked up for additional episodes and a one-hour special. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Jason Carbone, Executive Producer

Jason Bickings

Just wanted to thank you for the audition today. You make it fun, which us actors often lose sight of.

Jason Bickings, Actor

Commercial -‘Best Buy’

Thank you so much for your amazing work, I think the spots came out great! I will call you again when I am casting. I had a great time working with you.

Janet Roston, Director

‘Kate So Far’ Pilot

Thanks again for all the hard work you did yesterday. We were blown away by the amount of talented people you were able to bring to us!

Heather Schlossnagle, Director

TV Pilot -‘Katrina’

You did an amazing job and we can't thank you enough.

Eli Steele, Director

Narrator for Hudson Institute Video

Thank you for all your work on this! You came through as you always do.

Eli Steele