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Commercial (partial list)

Video Network Project Director
Paper & Packaging Board HOST - Unfolding Creativity Patrick Wood
Barbie Holiday 2018 Spots Mattel
Barbie VO - 60 years in 60 seconds Mattel
Cheerios Million Acts of Kindness Carrie Stett
Kotex Father/Daughter Carrie Stett
MATTEL Barbie 2018 Dreamhouse Richard Berman
Chevron Host Carrie Stett
LAYS Potato Chips Smile Bag Josh LIbitsky
Nickelodeon Campaign THAT'S ME! (EMMY NOMINATED) Christian Kendrick
NFL Digital Promo Christian Kendrick
MATTEL Barbie 2017 HOLIDAY (4 spots) Tony Petrossian
BARBIE Pink Passport JEAN
View Castle Lite Beer South Africa Spot with CELEBRITY talent Dan Halprin
Walgreens Digital Campaign: Makeovers Carrie Stett
View MATTEL Dreamhorse Richard Berman
View Walgreens Red Nose Day Campaign Carrie Stett
MATTEL Kid Talk Nicole Dorsey
Mattel Barbie Spring 2017 Spots Jamie Lancaster
Hallmark Holiday 2016 Steve Seidel
Eyemart Eyemart Express Ben Beatie
Facebook / Kleenex Care Campaign LIVE Carrie Stett
Disney / Kleenex Digital Campaign Carrie Stett
Walgreens Medicare Spot Patrick Wood
Daily Beast Kelly Blue Book - Pop Car Culture Patrick Wood
Mattel Barbie Hello Dreamhouse & Camper Tony Petrossian
Mattel Barbie President Christian Kendrick
CHEWY.COM National spot 2016 Christian Kendrick
Mattel Holiday Barbie 2016 Tony Petrossian
Mattel Barbie Star Light Doll, Townhouse, Hoverboarder 2016 Christian Kendrick
Kleenex National Spot 2016 Carrie Stett
Facebook Kleenex Cares Digital Campaign - 40+ spots 2015-2016 Adam Reno
Tyson Chicken Superbowl 2016 Patrick Wood
Mattel Barbie Spy Squad 2016 Fuliane Petikyan
Walmart Price Comparison Spot Ryan Crow
Mattel Barbie Mix N' Color 2016 Fuliane Petikyan
Mattel Barbie Spring 2016 Terence Lee
Quickie Cleaning Tools Trevor Crafts
INTEL Online Show America's Greatest Makers - HOST Ben Beatie
Family Jr. Channel Promos Winston Smith
EA Sports Madden 16 Adam Reno
Smuckers Smuckers Snackation Patrick Wood
Canada Dry Sparkling Entertainer Patrick Wood
Disney Disney XD Winston Smith
Mattel Hello Barbie Charles Whitcher
Mattel Barbie Dreamhouse 2015 Terence Lee
Mattel Barbie Pop Up Camper 2015 Terence Lee
Mattel Barbie Holiday Doll 2015 Terence Lee
View Hasbro Star Wars Vader Action Figure James Wahlberg
View Hasbro Monopoly Game Tom Schiller
View Disney Palace Pets Chris Folino
View MGA Mooshka Dolls Chris Folino
View Toy Spot Tagamato Racing Cars Chris Folino
Power Rangers Power Rangers (Super Samurai) Chris Folino
Toys R Us Snake Bite Truck Chris Folino
AARP Life Reimagined Jeff Jenofsky
View Toys R Us Hairmonies Dolls Chris Folino
Jakks Pacific Golden Tee (Golf Video Game) Chris Folino
SONY Planetside 2 (online game) Cristina Anderlini
View JG Wentworth National Spokesperson & comedic talent David Rosen
Target/Wal-Mart Nintendo Wii-multiple games Chris Folino
Jakks Pacific Scatter Brainz dart game Chris Folino
Jakks Pacific Winx Dolls Chris Folino
View Jakks Pacific Cabbage Patch Kids Chris Folino
View Firestone Firestone Credit Card Pia Clemente
View KIA Kia Optima (Car) Sandep
View Toys R Us Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle Chris Folino
View Jakks Pacific Berry Blossom Tinkerbell Chris Folino
View Disney MEON Glow Toy Chris Folino
View Jakks Pacific Series of 3 commercials for 'I am T-Pain mic' Chris Folino
Toys R Us Pokemon Playset Chris Folino
View Deepak Chopra for XBOX360 & Wii Meditation Videogame Trailer William Katt
Jakks Pacific Real Steel Boxing Toy Chris Folino
Nintendo DS & XBOX 360 Victorious: Time to Shine Videogame Chris Folino
View Imaginaruim Modern Luxury Dollhouse Chris Folino
View Toys R Us Air Swimmers (remote control toy) Chris Folino
Toys R Us My Keepon Dancing Toy Chris Folino
Endurance Insurance National Insurance Commercial Kevin Donovan
View Toys R Us Home Depot Ultimate Workshop Toy Chris Folino
View XBOX 360 & Wii Disney Universe Videogame Cristina Anderlini
View Toys R Us Imaginarium City Central Train Set Chris Folino
Disney Tinkerbell Pixie Cottage & Doll Spots Chris Folino
Disney Beauty & the Beast Belle Princess Doll Chris Folino
View XBOX 360 Kung Fu Panda 2 game Cristina Anderlini
View KINECT for XBOX 360 Dance Paradise Videogame Cristina Anderlini
View Nintendo Wiii Big Buck Hunter PRO Videogame (II) Chris Folino
Jakks Pacific My First Disney Princess Doll Chris Folino
View Spike TV Guys Choice Awards PROMO Eric Jones
Jakks Pacific Big Buck Hunter Videogame Chris Folino
Nintendo DS & Wii Petz Rescue Billy Frank
View Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente Vera Freitag
View Union Bank of California Union Bank of CA Vera Freitag
View Disney Think Fast game for Wii Seth Hendrix
The Food Network Sutter Home Wine & Hass Avocados Sandep Rahi
Best Buy Video Camera Spot Janet Roston
Ford The 'Edge' National #2 Sandep Rahi
Nintendo Wii Wall E. Video Game Chris Folino
View McDonalds McDonalds McSkillet Burrito Jim Bigham
Ford The 'Edge' National #1 Billy Frank
Target/Wal-Mart Bratz Video Game Chris Folino

Television (partial list)

Video Network Project Director
ABC American Idol (Season 16) Megan Wolflick
TV GUIDE Hatched Lior Geller
Katalyst Prank Lab Jason Goldberg
FOX Sports Skyball League Jason Corey
Cartoon Network 'Dude, What Would Happen?' Rafael Garcia
Comedy Central 'Secret Girlfriend' Pilot Ross Novie
Sci Fi Channel 'Run For Money'-Host Rick Telles
Sorpresa! MLS Pro Host (Spanish speaking) Maria Badillo
STYLE 'Fat Free Fiancee' Elvia Van Es
TLC 'Fixed Up' Jim Casey
Pilot 'Redemption; The true story of Barry Minkow' Bruce Caulk
Sorpresa Futbolito Host (Spanish Speaking) Lindsay Wasserberger
TV GUIDE 'The Big 4-0' -Celebrity Guest Julie Singer
FOX/ Fuel TV M80 Adam Barker
The Katrina Warrington Hudlin
View CW 'Online Nation' Series David Hurwitz
QVC Jewelry Models Marc Karzen
FUEL TV How To Hottie Patrick Weir
E! My Next Ex Claudine Magre
ABC Show Me The Money Mike Nichols
MTV Juvies Thomas Jaeger
FOX/Fuel TV The Daily Habit Patrick Weir
DIRECTV GameStar Jeff Jenofsky
Endeavor Network America at Work Bruce Caulk
MTV The Real Mrs. Robinson Bill Sloyer
Ripe TV Miss Ripe Ryan Magnussen
MTV 'The X Effect' Series Amy Wruble
Style Network Ultimatum Series Rob Lobl, Sam Sokolow
TV Guide Seeing Stars Jim Morton
View Oxygen 'Girls Behaving Badly' (Seasons 1-3) Barry Poznick, John Stevens
Fit TV Kathy Smith Fitness Show Jim Casey, Joe Carolei
MTV Becoming (over 60 eps.) Jason Carbone, Billy Rainey
MTV Duets Canaan Rubin
CBS Big Brother 3 Arnold Shapiro
MTV Sisqo's Shakedown Jennifer Carr
VH1 Motor Mouth Kari Flint
VH1 Rock Around the Block Todd Radnitz
MTV Say What Karaoke Anne Marie Gaynor
NBC Starting Over Allen Haines
FOX Selling Your Soul Allen Haines


Video Network Project Director
JBL Global Ad - 20 Multi Ethnic Partygoers (Models/ Skateboarders/ Breakdancers/ Dancers) Dan Halprin
Bank of America National Ad - 16 Executives (Models) Tricia Moran
Disney National Ad - Families (Models) Tricia Moran
Xenadrine National Ad - Celebrity Endorsers Kelly Conklin
Zurich Insurance National Ad Dan Halprin

Music Video

Video Network Project Director
New Found Glory 'Summer Fling Don't Mean A Thing' Larry Langton
View Eric Benet 'Real Love' Michael Rainin

Internet, Mobile/ Pod-casts

Video Network Project Director
Hyundai Digital Spot Jerry Weiss
Walgreens Medicare Video Patrick Wood
The Grow Box Branded Content Patrick Wood
Steampunk TV Bruce Boxleitner's Lantern City Trevor Crafts
DELL- Alienware Comedy Viral Ad Kevin Donovan Website Virtual Host Peter Norman
LA Fitness Website Virtual Host Bruce Caulk
Fremantle Media 'Pretty Things' Webseries Michael Lopez Families in Yosemite Tricia Moran
Sony Space Is The Place' Comedy Web Series Ross Novie
ESPN Web Viral Ad- 'The Drumbone Story' Peter Norman
Top-Flite Golf Web Viral Ad Doug Tirola
Sony; The C-Spot 'The Rascal' Web Series Ross Novie
Fuel TV Summer & Fall Movie Preview-Web Series Patrieck Weir
Gilt Edge Pictures Live Your Joy Webseries Allen Haines
View THQ 'MX vs. ATV Untamed' Game Chris Folino
Vivendi Games Mobile 'Incredible Machine' Mobile Game Alexandra Austin
FOX 'Happy Tuesday' Web Series -Hosts Gary Pappani
Private Phone Viral Campaign Billy Frank
View Fuel TV 'Show Me Your ID' Promo Adriana McElwain
TBS/ 'Treasure Trail' Web Series Ross Novie
Cash Only Productions Underground Bounty Hunter Web Series Darryl Quarles
Schick Razor Smooth Getaway Web Series Doug Tirola
Ripe TV Octane TV Ryan Magnusson
Sprint 'Secret Girlfriend' Mobile Series Ross Novie
Gai-go Language Lessons, Mobile Series Eric Kmetz

Industrials/ Infomercials

Video Network Project Director
Walmart Internal Video Patrick Wood
AMGEN In House Motivational Sales Video Trevor Crafts
National Roofing Contractors Association Safety Video - 2 bilingual hosts Peter Greenbaum
Amgen 3 Corporate Sales Videos Trevor Crafts
Corporate Sales Event Motivational Video - 3 distinct character roles Larry Langton
LA FITNESS Hosts for 5 Employee Training Videos Bruce Caulk
Cy-Yo Host for Cycle-Yoga Workout Video Jeffery Goddard
CBS Automotive Broadcasting Network HOST Greg Freeman


Video Network Project Director
Short Dudley's Raft Robert Matthews
Short Negotiations Ethan Cushing
Trailers Cinevegas Film Festival Trailer #2 Ross Novie
Short Lunch Date Beth Burns
Short The Isolationist Nate Atcheson
Feature Touching Home Cast: Ed Harris, Robert Forster, Brad Dourif, Evan Jones Noah & Logan Miller
Short American Identity {2007 Cannes} Cast: Todd Allen, Jesse Garcia, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Marshall Teague Stephen Rollins
Feature Sister Switch Torrance Colvin
Short Love Bites -Musical Chris Tornow
Short The Pardoner's Tale Antonia White
View Feature Gamers Cast: John Heard, Beverly D'Angelo, William Katt, Kelly leBrock Chris Folino
Short The Beginning Of December Douglas Cwiak
Short Broken Bobby Leigh
Feature Cut Off {2006 Cannes} Cast: Clint Howard, James Russo, Malcolm McDowell, Faye Dunaway Gino Cabanas
Feature The Pros & Cons Of Breathing AFI
Short Glass Tops John Vargas
View Feature What's Bugging Seth Eli Steele
Trailer A Woman Called Job Kurt Burk
Trailers CINEVEGAS Festival Trailer Ross Novie